Tap Kits

Tap Kits

Used for drilling into live mains supply.


Contents include: Rapid Tap case, Rapid Tap Drilling Tool complete with 20 and 25mm TPFNR Adaptors and 20 and 25mm Tipped Drills, 20 and 25mm PVC Drill Bits, Ratchet Spanner, Valve Key, Barrel Spanner and Adaptors for 20 and 25mm Ball Valves.

Extras available: Universal Spanner, 20mm TPF Adaptor, 25mm TPF Adaptor, Drill Extension and Bleed Heart Valve Adaptor.


Contents include: Major Tap case, Major Tap Drilling Tool, Ratchet Spanner, 32mm TPFNR Adaptor, 40mm TPFNR Adaptor; 50mm TPFNR Adaptor, 32mm Tipped Drill, 40mm Tipped Drill, 50m Tipped Drill and Valve Key.

Extras available: Drill Extension.


Contents include: WATGAS Borer Case, Major Tap Drilling Tool, Ratchet Spanner, 80/100mm Flange Adaptor, Spindle Extension, Clearance Valve, 80mm Tipped Drill and 100mm Tipped Drill.

Extras available: Adaption kit (10800) to allow 150mm drilling.


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