RMC plumbing products provide meter to fixture solutions for countless applications.

Combination Non-Return Isolating Valves20200806012123
HeatGuard Tempering Valves20200803043954
HeatGuard SharkBite® 4-in-1 Valve Assembly20200803224247
HeatGuard SharkBite® Tempering Valves20200803052138
High Pressure Expansion Control Valves20200805002153
High Pressure Expansion Non-Return Valve20200805014951
Low Pressure Expansion Control Valves20200805013118
Non-Return Valves20200806005123
Pressure and Temperature Relief Valves20200804031157
Pressure, Temperature and Vacuum Relief Valves20200805010610
Slick Combo Set20200803233112
Solar Control Combination Valves20200806002546
Solar Non-Return Valves20200806010230
Swift Kits20210914094304

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