RMC plumbing products provide meter to fixture solutions for countless applications.

Water Ball Valves20200729012337
Stainless Steel Ball Valves20200729235720
Gas Ball Valves20200730004349
Gas and Water Ball Valves20200730031553
FloodGuard™ Valves20200731030242
PressureGuard® Compact Pressure Reducing Valves20200731035128
Pressure Reducing Valves – Adjustable20200731045830
PressureGuard® Compact Right Angle Pressure Reducing Valve20200802234849
Commercial Pressure Reducing Valves20200803002638
PSL Pressure Limiting Valves20200803013025
PS Pressure Limiting Valves20200803015343
Pressure Limiting Valves with Dual Check20200803022838
HeatGuard® Tempering Valves20200803043954
HeatGuard® SharkBite® Tempering Valves20200803052138
HeatGuard® SharkBite® 4-in-1 Valve Assembly20200803224247
Slick Combo Set20200803233112
Thermal Balancing Valves20200803234142
Pressure and Temperature Relief Valves20200804031157
High Pressure Expansion Control Valves20200805002153
Pressure, Temperature and Vacuum Relief Valves20200805010610
Low Pressure Expansion Control Valves20200805013118
High Pressure Expansion Non-Return Valve20200805014951
Solar Control Combination Valves20200806002546
Non-Return Valves20200806005123
Solar Non-Return Valves20200806010230
Combination Non-Return Isolating Valves20200806012123
Isolating Non-Return Undersink Valve20200806013325
Spare Parts for General Application Adjustable PRVs20200806033415
Plumber’s Test Kit20200806040537
PressureGuard® Compact High Pressure Reducing Valves20201111152611
Swift Kits20210914094304

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