Standpipes are connected to Spring Hydrants in the ground for direct access to the pipelines for fire fighting purposes. The Standpipe is also ideal for applications requiring large volumes and high flow rates, also offering the ability to measure water volumes.


Metered Standpipes

Model Size Description
Standpipe with 20mm tap 25mm WM257MSPTAP
CFA Thread 65mm WM656MSPCFA
QLD Round Thread 65mm WM657MSPQLD
NSW V Thread 65mm WM658MSPNSW
BSP 32mm WM326MSP
BSP 25mm WM264MSP
SA 65mm WM658MSPSA

Unmetered Standpipes

Model Size Description
NSW V Thread 65mm FS3027
QLD Round Thread 65mm FS3036
CFA Thread 65mm FS3021
BIC 65mm FS3025
Storz 65mm FS3040
BSP 65mm FS3034
BSP 40mm FS3072
BSP 25mm FS3069
BSP with 20mm Tap 25mm FS3070