HydroSeal Lubricants

HydroSeal Lubricants

HydroSeal Tap Lubricant is a food machinery grade lubricant that has been formulated to be used in plumbing fittings which are in contact with the potable water supply.

Applying the lubricant to the spindle, bonnet thread and O-Ring will assist in getting the maximum service life out of taps.

Correct lubrication will allow the O-Ring to slide smoothly up and down the tap bonnet without tearing.

It is also ideal for use in conjunction with the HydroSeal Tap Bonnet Thread Cleaner in order to make tap handles easier to turn.


15g Tube (10 per carton)


40g Tube (15 per carton)

1. Disassemble Tap
2. Clean Tap Bonnet

Screw the HydroSeal Tap Bonnet Thread Cleaner in and out of the Tap Bonnet.

3. Apply Lubricant To:
  • Bonnet Thread
  • Spindle Thread
  • O-Ring
4. Reassemble Tap

Using the HydroSeal Tap Valves.

To gain maximum performance from your taps, reface the tap seat using the HydroSeal Refacing tool. For best operating results fit either a standard or Anti-Hammer HydroSeal O-Ring Tap Valve.

STANDARDS AND TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION: AS/NZS 4020:2005 (Drinking Water), WMTS-014 (Plumbing and Drainage Jointing Material), Application Temperature 10°C to 40°C, In-service temperature -50°C to +150°C

KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN: If swallowed, rinse mouth out and drink 2 glasses of water to dilute and seek medical advice. If eye contact occurs, rinse eye thoroughly with water and seek medical advice. For medical advice call Poisons Information Centre: 131 126 in Australia; 0800 764 766 in New Zealand; or a doctor.

CAUTION: Use only as directed.


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