FloodGuard™ Valves

FloodGuard™ Valves

The FloodGuard™ valves are designed to allow water to flow normally until an excessive flow rate is detected. The FG500/FG501 valve shuts off automatically until it is reset, the FGI500 valve automatically resets after activation and repair.

  • Designed and manufactured in Australia (FG500/FG501)
  • Reliable design with over 10 years proven track record (FG500/FG501)
  • Automatically resets after activation and repair (FGI500)
  • Captive loose nut design, and hot and cold indicator buttons (FGI500)
  • Suitable for horizontal and vertical installation
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Ideal for retrofit installations


15mm (1/2") Brass Finish (Shell Pack)


20mm (3/4") Brass Finish (Shell Pack)


15mm (1/2") Isolation Valve

FGI500 (left) and FG501 (right)

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