HydroSeal and HydroSave

Filter Products

Water Saving Kit

Reduces water usage by up to 50%

HydroSeal Tap Restoration Kit

Fix The Most Common Causes of Dripping Taps

HydroSeal Tap Seat Refacing Tool

Extend The Life of Your Tap

Inline Flow Controllers

The Inline Flow Controller provides primary flow control


The aerator will reduce the amount of water flowing from the outlet.

Flow Regulating Discs

Reduce the amount of water flowing from the outlet

HydroSeal Tap Seat Replacement Kit

Replaces Worn or Damaged Tap Seats

Anti-Hammer Tap Valves

Silences noisy pipe shudder

Standard Tap Valves

Seals dripping taps

Thread Lubricant

Multipurpose grease, ideal for use in many lubrication applications

Spare Parts

Replacement parts for refacing tool

Water Hammer Arrestor

Combats effects of water hammer