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Water Hammer Arrestor

Reliance Worldwide Corporation (Aust.) Pty. Ltd. (RWC) has for many years been a leading exponent in highlighting the detrimental effects water hammer generates within domestic and industrial plumbing systems throughout the country. To combat the consequences of water hammer, RWC is proud to offer the Sioux Chief range of water hammer arrestors.

Water hammer is the term used to define the destructive force produced in a pipping system when the water flow is suddenly stopped by the rapid closure of a valve or device. This rapid closure induces an intense pressure wave to travel back and forth through the pipe work, resulting in pipe vibration and a hammering effect. The vibration and hammering can be of such an intensity, pipe work may fracture, resulting in flooding and expensive repairs.

The water hammer arrestor works on the principal of compressing air to absorb the induced pressure wave. The arrestor is placed at 90 degrees to the water flow, just upstream from the offending device. When the device closes the pressure wave begins to move back along the pipe. As it reaches the arrestor the force acts against a piston which in turn pushes against a charge of air, the air is compressed, dissipating the wave energy and nullifying the hammering effects.

Sioux Chief water hammer arrestors undergo stringent factory testing (500,000 cycles of actual hammer conditions). All Sioux Chief water hammer arrestors are manufactured from highest quality type L copper tube, are cold rolled and spun closed seamless. BSP threaded DR brass fittings are secured by lead free soldered joints.


15MM WHA502
15MM A SIZE 7000
15MM A SIZE 7001
20MM B SIZE 7002
25MM C SIZE 7003
32MM D SIZE 7004
40MM E SIZE 7005
50MM F SIZE 7006
15MM A SIZE 7008
20MM A SIZE 7010
20MM AA SIZE 7012
15MM AA SIZE 7013
100MM 7017