Backflow Prevention Single Check Valves Single Check & Single Detector Check Valve

Single Check & Single Detector Check Valve

The Single Check and Single Detector Check Valve Assembly backflow preventer protects against backflow by either back-pressure or back-siphonage from a cross-connection between potable water systems and substances in ‘low hazard’ conditions in  fire sprinkler systems.

The device is constructed from ductile iron (65-45-12). It consists of one (1) spring-loaded, center stem, guided check valve. The device has a cast ductile iron body, with a single access cover utilizing a grooved pipe coupling. The assembly has two (2) BSP tapped holes located upstream and downstream of the check valve for installation of the by-pass assembly (including a single check valve, shutoff valve and water meter) for detecting low flow. Device has top access entry for servicing. End connections are Table E Flanged or Grooved.

The seat of each check valve is constructed from Noryl™ or bronze and is replaceable. The check valve is held in place by a Noryl™ or Stainless Steel clip. The backflow preventer is suitable for supply pressure up to 1200kPa and water temperatures up to 60°C.


100mm Flanged | SCV100
150mm Flanged | SCV150
100mm Grooved | SCV100G
150mm Grooved | SCV150G
100mm Flanged with Bypass | SDCV100
150mm Flanged with Bypass | SDCV150
100mm Grooved with Bypass | SDCV100G
150mm Grooved with Bypass | SDCV150G

NOTE: 200mm Devices available on request