PSL Valves

RMC’s PSL Pressure Limiting Valves regulate the inlet supply line pressure to a preset maximum preventing over-pressure situations. PSL Pressure Limiting Valves are ideal for installation with high pressure storage water heaters, water meter assemblies, water softeners etc.

PSL Pressure Limiting Valves are of an inline barrel design. The valve remains open if the pressure in the supply line falls below the maximum preset pressure.


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PS Range - Pressure Limiting Valves

Model 350kPa 500kPa 600kPa
PSL50 Female Tapered PSL511 PSL512 PSL513
PSL50-A Internal Flare PSLA511 PSLA512 PSLA513
PSL50-C Male Compression PSLC511 PSLC512 PSLC513
PSL75 Male Tapered PSL714 PSL715 PSL716
PSL75-C Male Compression PSL721 PSL722 PSL723