RMC’s Tempering Valve Kits provide solutions for quick, simplified installation of tempering valves, and associated functions, to ensure the delivery of tempered water at a constant temperature throughout a house, building, or system.


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SharkBite 4-IN-1

Size Orientation Product Code
16mm Upwards MIX11014U
16mm Downwards MIX11014D
20mm Upwards MIX11013U
20mm Downwards MIX11013D

Slick Combo Sets

Model Product Code
Insulated Slick Combo Set MIX12013I
Insulated Solar Slick Combo Set MIX12015I

Cabinet Kits

Model Product Code
Stainless Steel Cabinet Kit with ½” Fittings MIX11167
Stainless Steel Cabinet Kit with ¾” Fittings MIX11168