RMC’s Tempering Valve Kits provide solutions for quick, simplified installation of tempering valves, and associated functions, to ensure the delivery of tempered water at a constant temperature throughout a house, building, or system.


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SharkBite 4-IN-1

Size Orientation Catalogue Number
16mm Upwards MIX11014U
16mm Downwards MIX11014D
20mm Upwards MIX11013U
20mm Downwards MIX11013D

Slick Combo Sets

Model / Description Catalogue Number
Slick Combo Set, Insulated MIX12013I
Solar Slick Combo Set, Insulated MIX12015I

Cabinet Kits

Model / Description Catalogue Number
Stainless Steel Cabinet Kit with ½” Fittings MIX11167
Stainless Steel Cabinet Kit with ¾” Fittings MIX11168