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Woltman – Industrial Water Meter ISO

The Arad Woltman Silver Turbo (WST) is a durable and versatile water meter suitable for use in a wide variety of applications.

The bearings and materials used in the Woltman have proven durability far beyond the ISO standard requirement, allowing it to function in extreme conditions where other meters fail to maintain a sufficient level of accuracy. The unique measuring unit has only one moving element, the impeller, which is in contact with the water. The other moving components, including the worm and transmission gear, are kept in a hermetically sealed dry container. The meter complies with OIML R49 EN 14154 and ISO 4064:2005 standards.

The Woltman is also available with a Reed Switch sensor installed in a sealed transparent plastic cover that can be mounted on the register. Reed Switch Kits are available for AMR applications. Available pulse rates include:

» 10 Litres/pulse for DN50 – DN100 (2″ – 4″)
» 100 Litres/pulse for DN150 – DN200 (6″ – 8″)

Note: Approved utility use only. No WaterMark approval.


Model Catalogue Number
50mm WM500WST
65mm WM650WST
80mm WM800WST
100mm WM1000WST
150mm WM1500WST