Inline Flow Controllers

The HydroSave Inline Flow Controller provides primary flow control through the use of a fixed orifice principle.
Secondary and dynamic flow control properties are controlled through the use of an O-Ring insert.

Designed with ½” male x female end connections, HydroSave Inline Flow Controllers are easily fitted between a wall outlet and a
shower head, or inline between the wall outlet and tap body.

Inline Flow Controllers will actively reduce the amount of water flowing from the outlet, without adversely affecting outlet pressure or the need to replace existing fittings and fixtures. HydroSave Inline Flow Controllers are designed to reduce outlet flow to 2, 4, 6, 9 or 12 litres per minute.



Model Reduced Flow Quantity Product Code
IL02C 2 l/min 10 pack IL02C.10
IL04C 4 l/min 10 pack IL04C.10
IL06C 6 l/min 10 pack IL06C.10
IL09C 9 l/min 1 pack IL09C.01
IL09C 9 l/min 10 pack IL09C.10
IL12C 12 l/min 1 pack IL12C.01
IL12C 12 l/min 10 pack IL12C.10