Domestic Meters

The RMC Endurance Multijet Turbine Meter is for use by water authorities operating water supply networks on a user pays basis. The meter is a robust device that ensures long term meter accuracy. The meter is pulse capable and features an extended service life due to its low friction mechanism and higher mechanical durability.

The RMC Endurance Multijet Turbine Meter is available in 20mm to 50mm configurations.

Note: 32mm and 40mm non-trade use only.


DN20 / DN25

Size Description Catalogue Number
20mm DC Meter Thread WM273MRP
20mm DC NSW Thread WM274MRP
20mm DC BSP Thread WM275MRP
25mm DC NSW Thread WM270MRP
25mm DC Meter Thread WM271MRP
25mm DC BSP Thread WM272MRP

DN32 / DN40

Size Description Catalogue Number
32mm Oval Flange WM322MRP
40mm Oval Flange WM402MRP