Valves and Plumbing Control Valves Combination Non-Return Isolating Valve

Combination Non-Return Isolating Valve

The Combination Non-Return Isolating Valve combines the mandatory functions of an isolating valve and non-return valve for the installation of pressurised water heaters.

The valve provides isolation and prevents the backflow of water from a water heater to the mains line. The device serves the dual purpose of protecting the mains supply from contamination and preventing the loss of water that has already been heated. The isolating valve component is useful as a means of controlling inlet water supply to unvented storage water heaters.

RMC Combination Non-Return Isolating Valve is available in 15mm and 20mm configurations.


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Model Product Code
NI50 Duo Valve 15mm Female BSP NI501
NI50-A Duo Valve 15mm Internal Flare NIA501
NI50-C Duo Valve* 15mm Male Compression NIC501
NR50-S Non-Return with Strainer 15mm Female BSP NRS501
NRI501-S Trio Valve with Strainer 15mm Female BSP NRIS501

* Includes nuts, copper and nylon olives.