Water Service Ball Valves

RMC Water Service Ball Valves are a proven industry leading design and Watermarked to both AS 4796 and AS 5200.


Water Service Ball Valves

Model Size Product Code
Long Handle – F&F 20mm BVLH75FF
Long Handle – M&F 20mm BVLH75MF
Long Handle – M&F 25mm BVLH25MF
Long Handle – M&F – Recycled 20mm BVLH75MF-R
Long Handle – M&F – Recycled 25mm BVLH25MF-R
Short Handle – Straight Ball Valve DN20 BVSH75MF
90° Valve – F&F 20mm RB9020FF
90° Valve – F&F 25mm RB9025FF
90° Valve – F&F – Stainless Steel* 20mm RB9020FF-SS
90° Valve – M&F 20mm RB9020FM
90° Valve – C&F 20mm RB9020CF
90° Valve – F&F – Recycled 20mm RB9020FF-R
90° Valve – C x NSW Meter Coupling 20mm RB900
90° Valve – F x NSW Meter Coupling 20mm RB902
90° Valve – F x NSW Meter Coupling 25mm JB250
90° Valve – C x BSP Meter Coupling – Recycled 20mm RB904-R
90° Valve – F x Meter Coupling 25mm JB251

Larger sizes available on request

* Full Stainless Steel Construct