Meters and Mains Industrial and Commercial Meters Woltman – Industrial Water Meter AUS Length

Woltman – Industrial Water Meter AUS Length

High accuracy from very low flows to very high flows.

Double magnetic transmission. This unique design enables the meter to handle high loads of sand because only the impeller is in contact with the water while the worm gears are located in a sealed, dry compartment and have no contact with the water.

Repelling magnets enable accurate measurement at very low flows.

Balanced impeller with equal load on the front and rear gears prevents wear of the bearings and maintains high accuracy of the meter even after long years of operation.

Built in straightener reduces installation requirement before and after the meter to 5D and 2D respectively.

Registers are: Stainless steel/glass encapsulated and guaranteed against fogging. Hermetically sealed.

Wide selection of sealed, magnetically coupled registers, with two dial configurations (3 pointers or single central pointer).

Note: Approved utility use only. No WaterMark approval.


Size Catalogue Number
50mm WM501WST
80mm WM801WST
100mm WM1001WST
150mm WM1501WST
200mm WM2001WST