HydroSave Water Saving Aerators can be easily fitted to any existing or new tap with an aerated outlet. The aerator will reduce the amount of water flowing from the outlet without adversely affecting outlet pressure.

On average 22 litres of water flows from a household tap every minute. HydroSave Water Saving Aerators are designed to reduce outlet flow to 2, 5 or 8 litres per minute (other flow rates available on request), a saving of up to 90% dependent on the application.

Flow from 2 litre per minute aerators is provided in a jet spray which is ideal for use in applications requiring low volume. All other flow rates are provided in a standard aerated flow.


Female Chrome Aerators

Model Reduced Flow Quantity Product Code
AFJ02C 2 l/min 10 pack AFJ02C.10
AFL05C 5 l/min 10 pack AFL05C.10
AFL08C 8 l/min 1 pack AFL08C.01
AFL08C 8 l/min 10 pack AFL08C.10

Male Chrome Aerators

Model Reduced Flow Quantity Product Code
AMJ02C 2 l/min 10 pack AMJ02C.10
AML05C 5 l/min 10 pack AML05C.10
AML08C 8 l/min 1 pack AML08C.01
AML08C 8 l/min 10 pack AML08C.10

Aerator Inserts

Model Reduced Flow Quantity Product Code
AIJ02 2 l/min 1 pack AIJ02.01
AIJ02 2 l/min 10 pack AIJ02.10
AIL05 5 l/min 1 pack AIL05.01
AIL05 5 l/min 10 pack AIL05.10
AIL08 8 l/min 1 pack AIL08.01
AIL08 8 l/min 10 pack AIL08.10