New Product Guides 2019

Find the fitting you need fast with RWC’s new range of flyers.

RWC’s range of product flyers have been updated for our most popular brands, RMC Water Valves, SharkBite, TubeFit and RWC’s guide to Water Meters.

Loaded with handy information on finding the right fitting, valve, pipe or meter for the job at hand, the flyers also fold out into an A3 poster-sized preview of our most popular products.

Speak to your RWC Rep or our sales team for your set of RWC flyers, or click below for an online preview…

RMC-DL-300x300 RWC-DL-300x300 SharkBite-DL-300x300 TubeFit-DL-300x300
RMC Guide to Water Valves RWC Guide to Water Meters SharkBite Plumbing Fittings TubeFit Industrial Fittings


September 2019