Water Conservation Water Saving Aerator Inserts

Water Saving Aerator Inserts

Water saving aerator inserts can be easily fitted to any existing or new tap with an aerated outlet. The aerator itself will reduce the amount of water flowing from the outlet without adversely affecting the outlet pressure.

Flow through water saving aerator inserts are primarily controlled by the use of a fixed orifice principle. However the Hydrosave Water Saving Aerator Insert also provides dynamic flow control properties through the use of an o-ring insert.

Under low flow conditions the o-ring remains relaxed and provides a fixed orifice dimension. As flow increases the o-ring reacts against the flow by unseating and slowly reducing the flow capacity of the orifice until the maximum restricting is achieved.


Aerator Insert 2 l/m 1 pack | AIJ02.01
Aerator Insert 5 l/m 1 pack | AIJ05.01
Aerator Insert 8 l/m 1 pack | AIJ08.01

Aerator Insert 2 l/m 10 pack | AIJ02.10
Aerator Insert 5 l/m 10 pack | AIJ05.10
Aerator Insert 8 l/m 10 pack | AIJ08.10