Meters and Mains Accessories and Parts Water Meter Couplings

Water Meter Couplings

The Reliance meter couplings and variable length extendable meter coupling, allows meter installers flexibility in fixed installations. 

The extendable coupling provides for up to 12mm of longitudinal movement for the meter, removing the need to ‘spring’ a service open to remove or replace the meter. The extendable coupling has no field serviceable parts and has a standard face to face length of 85mm. Two versions are available.


Gaskets Included

Description Catalogue Number
Meter Thd Nut x 20 M MC150
Meter Thd Nut x 20 M - WA Length 90mm MC208**
BSP Meter Coupling 20 M MC204
BSP Thd Nut x 15 M Length 47mm MC202**
BSP Thd Nut x 25 M MC250
BSP Thd Nut x 20 M
(additional gaskets available separately) 1N131**
20mm Capillary Straight Adaptor - BCC Coupling 17011-AU
32mm Oval Flanged Gasket Bolt Set (Single) 1N148 ‡
40mm Oval Flanged Gasket Bolt Set (Single) 1N149 ‡

Gaskets Not Included

Description Catalogue Number
NSW Thd Nut x 20 F Short Length 43mm MC206*
NSW Thd Nut x 20 M Length 44mm MC201*
NSW Thd Nut x 20 F Length 72mm MC207*
NSW Thd Nut x 25 M 1N141*
NSW Thd Nut x 25 F 1N142*
BSP Thd Nut x 40 M MC400

Gaskets / Sealing Rings

Description Catalogue Number
20mm NSW Sealing Ring WM47*
25mm NSW Sealing Ring 1N141-NY*
20mm Meter Thread MC39**
25mm Meter Thread 1N131-5**