Meters & Mains Water Meter Boxes

Water Meter Boxes

The Reliance Meter Boxes have been developed to improve the quality, and reduce the installation costs for meter services.

Features and Benefits

• Full DZR Brass components
• Lockable inlet and outlet ball valves
• Standard meter connection couplings
• Extendable coupling allowing easy fit of meter
• Box base included to ensure stable footprint
• Fully serviceable
• Polymer spacer included
• Long service life components
• Reduced installation costs
• Fast service connection and meter installation / replacement


Meter Box Kits

20mm Single Meter Box | KIT236
20mm Single Meter Box with Meter | WMKIT236
20mm Dual Meter Box | KIT235
20mm Dual Meter Box with Meter | WMKIT235
20mm Single Meter Box QUU with Meter | WMKIT232
20mm Single Meter Box QUU with Meter 25mm connection | WMKIT233

Meter Boxes Only

Black Lid Box - QUU | WMBOX207
Green Lid Box | WMBOX204
Green Lid Base | WMBOX209