Meters & Mains Water Meter Boxes

Water Meter Boxes

The Reliance Meter Boxes have been developed to improve the quality, and reduce the installation costs for meter services.

Features and Benefits

• Full DZR Brass components
• Lockable inlet and outlet ball valves
• Standard meter connection couplings
• Extendable coupling allowing easy fit of meter
• Box base included to ensure stable footprint
• Fully serviceable
• Polymer spacer included
• Long service life components
• Reduced installation costs
• Fast service connection and meter installation / replacement


Meter Box Kits

Size Description Catalogue Number
20mm Single Meter Box KIT236
20mm Single Meter Box with Meter WMKIT236
20mm Dual Meter Box KIT235
20mm Dual Meter Box with Meter WMKIT235
20mm Single Meter Box QUU with Meter WMKIT232
20mm Single Meter Box QUU with Meter 25mm connection WMKIT233

Meter Boxes Only

Description Catalogue Number
Black Lid Box - QUU WMBOX207
Green Lid Box WMBOX204
Green Lid Base WMBOX209