PRV (Adjustable)

The RMC Pressure Reducing Valve is used in water systems to limit the downstream pressure to the pre-set maximum. It compensates for fluctuating upstream pressure to maintain constant maximum outlet pressure.

Features of the Pressure Reducing Valve make it most suitable for demanding commercial and industrial applications and multi-unit dwellings.

The RMC Pressure Reducing Valve can be used to reduce pressure upstream of commercial and industrial devices such as dosing apparatuses, high-pressure cleaners and laboratory equipment. The RMCPressure Reducing Valve can deliver high flow rates with minimal head loss.

The RMC Pressure Reducing Valve is available in 15 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, 32 mm, 40 mm, and 50 mm configurations with female BSP thread connections.


15MM F X 15MM F 155-550 KPA PRV015
20MM F X 20MM F 155-550 KPA PRV020
25 F X 25MM F 155-550 KPA PRV025
32MM F X 32MM F 155-550 KPA PRV032
40MM F X 40MM F 155-550 KPA PRV040
50MM F X 50MM F 155-550 KPA PRV050