Octave Ultrasonic Meters

Reliance is proud to introduce the OCTAVE, a new revolutionary precise and super reliable ultrasonic bulk water meter. This new meter, having both superior hydraulic performance as well as advanced alert, data and statistical features, will naturally lead the world of water management.


The leaks detection module maps the physical network structure into groups. Utilizing a smart algorithm, it is able to calculate even the slightest water loss within any specific group, or between main groups and sub-groups.

Volume Display Options

  1. Net (Forward less Reverse)
  2. Forward Only
  3. Forward and Reverse alternating


The system is also capable of identifying deliberate damage to the meters and visual alerts are shown on the display. It has an IP68 Rating.


The system records 1 directional flow and visual alerts are shown on the display.


50mm Flanged | WM500OCT
50mm Polymer Threaded | WM500OCT-POLY
50mm Threaded | WM500OCT-TH
65mm Flanged | WM650OCT
80mm Flanged | WM800OCT
100mm Flanged | WM1000OCT
150mm Flanged | WM1500OCT
200mm Flanged | WM2000OCT
250mm Flanged | WM2500OCT
300mm Flanged | WM3000OCT