ISO Length Water Meters

In addition to the features offered by Arad’s traditional Woltman Turbine meter, the Woltman Silver Turbo (WST) offers the following:

Accuracy – The WST’s accuracy curve is the widest known in the market for this type of water meter: these unique features allows the use of the WST in broader applications and in extreme situations.

Resistance – Bearings and materials used in the WST have been proved to ensure durability far beyond the ISO Standard requirement. This feature ensures that the meter can function in extreme conditions where other meters fail to maintain a sufficient level of accuracy.

Magnetic Coupling – The WST, like its predecessor, the Woltman Turbo meter – has a unique measuring unit, in which only one moving element, the impeller, is in contact with the water. The other moving components, including the worm and transmission gear, are kept inside a hermetically sealed dry compartment and have no contact with any of the abrasive elements present in the water.

WST has repelling magnets installed in the impeller and the transmitting gear, instead of the attracting magnets installed in the WT.

Read Switch kits available for AMR applications. Available pulse rates:

» 10 Litres/pulse for DN50 – DN100 (2″ – 4″)

» 100 Litres/pulse for DN150 – DN200 (6″ – 8″)


Size / Description Model
50mm Length 200mm WM500WST
65mm Length 200mm WM650WST
80mm Length 230mm WM800WST
100mm Length 250mm WM1000WST
150mm Length 300mm WM1500WST