Double Check Valves

Double Check Valve Assembly protects against backflow by either back-pressure or back-siphonage from a cross-connection between potable water systems and substances in ‘medium hazard’ conditions.

The device is 3rd party certified to AS/NZS 2845.1. It consists of two (2) mechanically independent, spring loaded, center stem, guided check valves. The device has a cast and bronze body, with a single access cover. The assembly has three (3) vertical test cocks and two shut off valves which are quarter-turn, full-port and resilient seated.

The seat of each check valve is constructed from NorylTM and is replaceable. The check valves are held in place by stainless steel slips and the check valve assemblies are non-interchangeable with silicone discs.


20MM SD002
20MM SD002C
25MM SD003
25MM SD003C
32MM SD004
32MM SD004C
40MM SD005
40MM SD005C
50MM SD006
50MM SD006C
65MM SD007
65MM SD007C
80MM SD008
80MM SD008C
100MM SD009
100MM SD009C
150MM SD010
150MM SD010C