Meters and Mains Ball Valves and Accessories Water Service Ball Valves

Water Service Ball Valves

Inline isolating valve for water lines


Water Service Ball Valves

Size / Description Catalogue Number
Long Handle 20 F x 20 F BVLH75FF
Long Handle 20 M x 20 F BVLH75MF
Long Handle Recycled 20 M x 20 F BVLH75MF-R
Long Handle 25 M x 25 F BVLH25MF
Long Handle Recycled 25 M x 25 F BVLH25MF-R
Short Handle Straight Ball Valve DN20 BVSH75MF

Water Service Ball Valves 90°

Size / Description Catalogue Number
20 F x 20 F RB9020FF
20 F x 20 F Stainless Steel * RB9020FF-SS
20 F x 20 M RB9020FM
20 C x 20 F RB9020CF
20 F X 20 F Recycled RB9020FF-R
20 C x NSW Meter Coupling RB900
20 F x NSW Meter Coupling RB902
25 F x 25 F RB9025FF
20 C x 20 BSP Meter Coupling Recycled RB904-R
25 F x 25 NSW Meter Coupling JB250
25 F x 25 Meter Coupling JB251

Larger sizes available on request
* Full Stainless Steel Construct