Backflow Prevention Dual Check Valves 7 Series Dual Check Valves

7 Series Dual Check Valves

The Ryemetal Dual Check Valves are designed to prevent cross connection of non potable water into safe drinking water systems. They are compact and economical devices that are easy to install both horizontally and vertically. Each device comprises of two independently acting, internally loaded check valves in series.


20MM M X F 7171
25MM M X F 7172
20MM M X F 7179
20MM M X F 7179.2
20MM M X F 7179SC.2
20MM F X F 7181
25MM F X F 7182
15MM M X M 7185
15MM M X M 7185.2
15MM M X F 7186
15MM M X F 7186.2